Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium
長崎ペンギン水族館 (Nagasakki Pengin Suizokukan)

170 penguins from eight of the eighteen different species can be seen swimmingly happily in the Aquarium Zone of this facility. Every Saturday, Sunday, and on national holidays, the museum provides “Feed the Penguins” and “Petting Zoo” events.
A Hands-on Experience where you can see up close fish and other creatures from rivers, ponds, and trees is available in the Experience Nature Zone of the facility. There is even a Sea Kayaking Experience at the man-made beach just outside of the aquarium.


Basic Information

Directions"Take the bus en route to ‘Aba’ or ‘Kasuga Shako-Mae’ from the East Gate of Nagasaki Station and get off at ‘Penguin Suizokukan-Mae’ bus stop.
The bus will leave from South Gate of the station on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays."