Kofuku-ji Temple
興福寺 (Kofuku-ji)

Japan's oldest Chinese temple of the Obaku sect

Japan's oldest Chinese temple of the Obaku sect
Kofukuji Temple is Japan's first Chinese temple of the Obaku sect. It can be traced to the time when the merchants of China's Ming Dynasty, who frequented the route to Nagasaki, constructed a small monastery here in 1620 as a place to pray for a safe voyage. At that time, the Japanese government's prohibition on Christianity was especially virulent, and even the Chinese residents of Nagasaki, who were also at risk of being suspected as Christians, felt it necessary to prove they were Buddhists by building a series of Chinese Buddhist temples, Kofukuji Temple being the first. Spectacles Bridge, Japan's oldest stone bridge, was built by Mokusunyoujo, a Zen master of the second generation of Kofukuji Temple. Also, it is famous as the temple from which the Buddhist Zen master Ingen, high priest of China, entered a monastery. The temple precincts house many cultural assets such as the Daiyu Treasure House, a nationally designated important cultural property, while Kofukuji Temple and surroundings are also considered a prefecturally designated historical landmark.

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Basic Information

Address 4-32 Teramachi Nagasaki-City, Nagasaki
Website http://www.kofukuji.com/english/
Business Hours 08:00-17:00
7 days a week throughout the year.
Price Adults: \200, Aged 12-17: \150, Aged 6-11: \100
Directions6 minutes'walk from Kokaido-Mae Streetcar Stop