Former Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank Nagasaki Branch Museum
旧香港上海銀行長崎支店記念館 (Kyu Hong Kong Shanghai Ginko Nagasaki Shiten Kinenkan)

Built in 1904, this three story important cultural asset is the largest western-style building in Nagasaki. The first floor, where banking duties took place, is now rented out for exhibitions, concerts, and much more. The second and third floors introduce the history of Nagasaki.

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Basic Information

Telephone Number 095-827-8746
Business Hours AM 9:00 - PM 5:00
(Entrance is until PM 4:40)
Days Closed for Business Closed from Dec.29 - Jan.3
Price 100yen (General)
50yen (Elementary, Junior High, High school student)
Directions3 minutes'walk from Ouratenshudo-Shita Streetcar Stop