Father de Rotz Memorial Hall

Marc Marie de Rotz came to Shitsu in 1879 to take the post of senior missionary. He used his money to help the poor and passed on practical knowledge and new technologies. Father de Rotz Memorial Hall (a nationally-designated important cultural heritage site) was built in 1885 and used to be a fishing net workshop. Father de Rotz's personal items, such as his favorite organ, are kept here.

Who is Father De Rotz?

French missionary Marc Marie de Rotz. During his missionary work, he also made an effort to help the poverty-stricken people of Sotome. He taught about agriculture, fishing, architecture, flour milling, extracting vegetable oil, making bread, macaroni, farm tools and fishing nets. He was called "The Father of  Sotome"

Basic Information

5 min. walk from the Shitsu Bunka Mura Bus Stop

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