The Seven Higashi-Yamate Western-style Houses

These seven Western-style houses were built together around the year 1897. The building plot lay on the lowest part of Higashi Yamate, and the houses were built on two separate levels on the west-facing slope. As the buildings were constructed on such a narrow strip of land they are bunched together more tightly than the residences in the foreign settlement area. All seven buildings feature many common details and their exteriors and interiors were constructed in a relatively unadorned manner. For example, the transom (the rectangular opening between the lintels) and other details show the influence of Chinese design, the buildings are examples of “giyofu” architecture, a form of architecture based on Western buildings with touches of Japanese, Chinese and other Oriental forms, the materials used in their construction are virtually all the same, and the particularly close resemblance between all of the buildings’ 2nd floor plans and facades. All of these factors suggest that buildings were systematically constructed as either accommodation for company personnel or for rental.


There are only a few examples of residences built fin a single location or these purposes remaining in the whole of Japan, and they represent a special feature of Higashi Yamate’s townscape.

Key information on the cultural property

Designated category
City-Designated Tangible Cultural Property
Registered date
September 4, 1988
6-25 Higashi Yamate-machi, Nagasaki and periphery
Proprietary rights
Nagasaki City

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