The Former Alt Residence

The building features a simple gable veranda supported by pillars in the Tuscan style with no decorative grooving work, at the center of which is a porch with the roof pediment atop it. The high eaves lend the building an imposing atmosphere. It is one of the largest and the most stylish Western-style buildings constructed in Japan during the years from the end of the Edo shogunate to the end of the Meiji Era (1868 to 1912). The main building is a wooden skeleton with tiled roof, and there is a stone-paved veranda running around the north, south and west sides. A blueprint of the design suggesting it was the work of an English architect remains.


William Alt, an Englishman, made a handsome profit from his tea exporting business, and managed a Japanese tea factory. After Alt left Nagasaki the building was used as the temporary premises of the newly founded Kwassui Jogakuin, a women’s college. It was subsequently lived in by the eldest son of Fredrick Ringer, Fredrick Erasmus Edward Ringer until his death at the age of 56 in February 1940. 

Key information on the cultural property

Designated category
Nationally Designated Important Cultural Property
Registered date
May 15, 1972
8-1 Minami Yamatemachi, Nagasaki City, within Glover Garden
Proprietary rights
Nagasaki City

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