The Former Ringer Residence

Frederick Ringer, an Englishman, originally worked for Glover & Co, but in 1968 at the age of 29 he founded Holme Ringer & Co. with his compatriot Edward Holme. Over the nearly 70 years until the firm was closed on 1940 the company left a vast legacy for Nagasaki’s industry and economy through overseas trading and trading agency work dealing in tea, glass and other products. 


Ringer’s residence is a wooden structure faced with stonework in the form of a bungalow with pantile roofing. It is surrounded on three sides by an open veranda built on square stones. The entrance is in the center of the façade, with the rooms situated to the left and right. The dining room in the south side of the entrance hall and the reception room on the north side feature bay windows from which views of Nagasaki port can be enjoyed.


The building was constructed some time around the year 1868, acquired by Ringer in 1874 and used as his home until about 1883.

Key information on the cultural property

Designated category
Nationally Designated Important Cultural Property
Registered date
June 11, 1966
8-1 Minami Yamate-machi, Nagasaki, within the Glover Garden
Proprietary rights
Nagasaki City

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