【For 2 hours】Nagasaki short trip with an English language tour guide

【For 2 hours】Nagasaki short trip with an English language tour guide

【For 2 hours】 Enjoy walking Nagasaki City with an English language tour guide!
This page shows you an example of a basic and popular itinerary for Nagasaki visitors. We hope this helps you enjoy your Nagasaki trip!

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(1) JR Nagasaki Station
Recommended if you are coming here by train, plane, or bus. Meet in front of the Tourist Information Office.
(2) Matsugae International Cruise Terminal
Recommended if you are coming here on a cruise.
Meet outside building 2 in front of the statue of three people.

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    Nagasaki Genbaku Shiryokan

    Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

    Learn about the menace of the atomic bomb and the value of peace.

    On August 9, 1945, at 11:02 a.m. - three days after the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima - the second atomic bomb was dropped over the Urakami district of Nagasaki. This bomb killed or injured 150,000 people.

    The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum covers the history of this event in the accessible form of a story. It begins with the disastrous scene of the attack and includes the events leading up to the dropping of the atomic bomb, the reconstruction of Nagasaki up to the present day, the history of nuclear weapons development, and the hope for a peaceful world free of nuclear weapons.

    Comparing the scenes of Nagasaki immediately after the bombing with the appearance of the city today, one cannot help but be impressed by the remarkable spirit of survival and the immutable strength of the people of Nagasaki. Although it is too early to say that the war and the atomic bomb remain events of the distant past, we must continue to face the tragic history reflected in each exhibit and consider the meaning of true peace.

    Website https://nagasakipeace.jp/index_e.html
    Business Hours May 1-August 31: 08:30-18:30 (August 7-9: 08:30-20:00) September 1-April 31: 08:30-17:30
    Days Closed for Business December 29-31.
    Price Adult: JPY200
    Elementary, Middle and High school student : JPY100
    Directions5 min. walk from the Hamaguchi-machi Streetcar Stop
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    Heiwa Koen

    Peace Park

    A place of prayers for world peace and the souls of the atomic bomb victims
    Nagasaki Peace Park is built on a low hill to the north of the hypocenter of the atomic bomb blast. It was created to represent the wish for world peace and a vow that such a tragic war would never be repeated. The park features the 9.7-meter-high Peace Statue symbolizing the Nagasaki citizens' wish for peace. Sculptor Seibou Kitamura, a Nagasaki native, created this statue as a symbol of the divine love and mercy of Buddha. The raised right hand points to the heavens to signify the threat of atomic weapons while the left arm is raised horizontally to represent the wish for peace. The figure's eyes are lightly closed in prayer for the souls of the atomic bomb victims. Every year on August 9, the anniversary of the atomic bombing, a peace memorial ceremony is conducted in front of this statue and a peace declaration is made to the people of the world. The park also features the Fountain of Peace, which was built in remembrance of a little girl who wandered in search of water. Visitors can also view a row of monuments contributed by various nations that form the zone of symbols of world peace.
    Website http://nagasakipeace.jp/index_e.html
    Price Free admission
    Directions2 min. walk from the Matsuyama-machi Streetcar Stop
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