The Preservation District of the Group of Important Traditional Buildings in Nagasaki City’s Minami Yamate District
長崎市南山手伝統的建造物群保存地区 (Nagasakishi Minami Yamate Dentoteki Kenzobutsugun Hozonchiku)

The Minami Yamate district was, just as Higashi Yamate, a foreign settlement, and the majority of the land was used for residences. It lies upon a hilltop commanding fine views of Nagasaki Bay.
The scope of the preservation district extends across most of Minami Yamate-machi where the buildings and structures erected mainly during the foreign settlement period create a uniform and historic townscape, and parts of the waterfront areas of Matsugaeda-machi and Kozone-machi.
To the north of Minami Yamate lie Oura Church and the Latin Divinity School, while to the south are Western-style houses built from the End of the Edo Era to the early Meiji Era such as the former Glover residence, former Ringer residence and the former Alt residence. Matsugaeda-machi is the location of the former Hong Kong Shanghai Nagasaki Branch Office and the Former Local Customs House at Sagarimatsu, both of which face the sea. These representative pieces of architecture have been designated as national treasures and important cultural properties.
The area from the center of the district to the south is still a quiet residential area containing many examples of Western-style architecture from the early- to mid-Meiji Era (1868~1912. The townscape of Nagasaki City’s Higashi Yamate is highly valuable as an historic reminder of the zoning of the foreign settlement, and an area with a number of the first well Western-style residences, all in a good state of conservation. 

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Key information on the cultural property

Designated categoryNational Preservation District for Important Traditional Buildings
Registered dateApril 30, 1991
AddressAround 17 hectares in parts of
Nagasaki City’s Minami Yamate, Matsugaeda-machia and