The Former Nagasaki Branch of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank
旧香港上海銀行長崎支店 (Kyu Hong Kong Shanghai Ginko Nagasaki Shiten)

The Hong Kong Shanghai Bank opened its Nagasaki Branch in 1896, after establishing branches in Yokohama and Kobe. It was the first foreign bank in the city. Completed in 1904, the building standing today was designed by the unconventional Japanese architect Shimoda Kikutaro, who was active from the late Meiji to early Showa eras (the end of the 19th century to around 1925).
It is one of the largest Western-style buildings remaining in Nagasaki. The first floor is in the form of an arcade composed of an interconnected series of arches, while the 2nd and 3rs floors are faced with pillars designed in the Corinthian order upon which is a roof with a triangular gable pediment, a design through which the façade emphasizes the bank’s seafront location. The open spaces created on the façade have been backed by stone, while the parts to the rear are brickwork and the whole finished in mortar from top to bottom, giving an impression that the entire building is of stone.
This building with its imposing and neat exterior is one of the most important features maintaining the scenery of the former foreign settlement along Kaigan-dori street and the Minami Yamate district. 

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Key information on the cultural property

Designated categoryNationally Designated Important Cultural Property
Registered dateMarch 19, 1990
Address4-27 Matsugaeda-machi, Nagasaki City
Proprietary rightsNagasaki City