The Glover Residence
旧グラバー住宅 (Kyu Guraba Jutaku)

Thomas Blake Glover was a Scottish merchant who arrived in Japan from Shanghai, China in September 1859 and set up his firm, Glover & Co. in Nagasaki, as a trading house. At first he moved from one residence to another, eventually building a Western-style residence with accommodation for guests in Minami Yamate with its beautiful scenery. The building is the oldest wooden-built Western-style residence surviving in Japan. According to an ink-written record kept by the builders, the residence can be dated to 1863. Glover eventually set up his headquarters here. The building plan was L-shaped, but reached its present state in the mid-Meiji Era after repeated extensions and remodeling of the layout. It is thought that the master carpenter was Koyama Hide, who built the Basilica of the Twenty-Six Holy Martyrs.

Glover devoted his energies to the modernization of Japan through his work on new technologies including shipbuilding, coal mining and railways. Moreover, through his support for the Satsuma, Choshu and Tosa Domains that sought to end the political structure of the Edo Era and establish a new government, he played a major role in the promotion of political reforms in the lead-up to the Meiji Era. 

Notice from Nagasaki City:
Construction Work for the Maintenance and Preservation of the World Heritage Site “The Glover House and Office” (Nationally Designated Important Cultural Property)

Construction period: January 2019 – November 2020 (estimated period)
For detail, please see attached PDF file.

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Key information on the cultural property

Designated categoryNationally Designated Important Cultural Property
Registered dateJune 7, 1961
Address8-1 Minami Yamate-machi, Nagasaki City, within the Glover Garden:
Proprietary rightsNagasaki City