Getting to Nagasaki City

Getting to Nagasaki City
Getting to Nagasaki City

Getting Around Nagasaki City

Street Car

The streetcar system is your best choice for travel between sites of interest in Nagasaki. It avoids any delays caused by heavy traffic. There are four streetcar routes, each of which operates trains at 5-8 minute intervals. The fare is only ¥120 for rides of any length. The Day Pass allows an unlimited number of rides for one basic fare.

Single-use fare

Adults: ¥120
Children: ¥60
On sale at about 50 locations in the city including the Nagasaki Tourist Information Center. Not sold on trains.

Day Pass*

Adults: ¥500
Children: ¥250
Daily hours of operation06:15-23:28

Discount Ticket

Domestic Air Service

Some airlines offer discount domestic air fare for overseas visitors to Japan.

Learn More ⇒ Japan National Tourism Organization

Kyushu Rail Pass

This pass provides unlimited use of JR Kyushu trains in Kyushu, including all trains along the Kyushu Shinkansen and limited express trains. It is only available to non-Japanese passport holders, under the entry status of “Temporary Visitor”. You can purchase an E-ticket via the internet. After you arrive in Japan, please bring your E-ticket and your passport to one of the ticket offices to pick up your “JR Kyushu Rail Pass.” The E-ticket must be exchanged within 3 months from the date of issue.

Learn More ⇒ JR Kyushu Rail Pass
Purchase a E-ticket ⇒ ACPRail